Sweet Grace Hand Cream

Sweet Grace Hand Cream

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Experience Sweet Grace on a closer level with this lavish hand cream formulation. Designed to pamper, soothe, and indulge skin, the Sweet Grace Hand Cream delights in sweetening lotion regimens. This silky emulsion is a beauty arsenal must!

What Makes it Special:

  • #1 best-selling fragrance
  • Formulated with shea butter and vitamin E to nourish your skin
  • Premium, one-of-a-kind fragrance created in-house by a dedicated team of professional perfumers
Fragrance: Sweet Grace
Fragrance Description: With exotic passion fruit, sparkling tea and classic patchouli, Sweet Grace is undeniably warm, peaceful and pure.

Use & Care:

Snip Snip: Apply to hands lovingly and often to moisturize your skin and enjoy the heavenly scent of Sweet Grace